Bonnyton Farm Doggie Day Care & Kennels

Bonnyton Farm Doggie Day Care & Kennels

My partner and I have been visiting the Bonnyton Farm Dog Run with our three Shibas weekly since we first heard about it. We love it!

Six acres of safe and secure space to enjoy a peaceful stroll, a play, some training, and a chat with Thor the horse.

As a Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant, I am all too aware of the growing need for spaces like these. Particularly for dogs with various behaviour issues (from aggression to livestock chasing) while training is being undertaken. Bonnyton Farm is unique, not only in size, but also because there are animals nearby (at one end of the run) allowing for safe training.

So whether you have a dog who is environmentally sensitive, or you just want a big old space for them to run free, I highly recommend Bonnyton Farm.

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